The Big Sister Also Needs A Big Sister

Hello !

My name is Ess and I like to talk about periods. Yup, you read right. I wasn’t always like this but life happened. I’ll explain what life did or didn’t do to me in the next couple of posts but first, let’s reminisce on my first conversation about periods. I was a shy girl, who thought periods were gross, actually disgusting and dirty, and such an inconvenience. To my defense, my first conversation about periods wasn’t all rosy. Unless we choose to dwell on the fact that roses are red [pun intended].


I was about eight or nine years old, when a cousin and the house help at the time decided to prepare me ‘womanhood’ as they called it. Well, I was told that soon my body was going to change and I would have to change the way that I carried myself. No more playing with boys. Blood was going to become a monthly sighting and it was disgusting. How encouraging right? Then I was shown a pad, and asked if I knew what it was, all I said is that I had seen an ad on t.v. Well, it was now introduced to me as  ‘mkate’/bread. I have no idea why food was brought into this conversation. I was told they were not exactly for display hence the shopkeeper wraps them in a newspaper. That wrapped up my period class and I was released into womanhood, well, whenever it would strike.

I left knowing life was about to get hard and yucky, my periods were enroute and my days of fun were about to end. The realities of life that I was not looking forward to.

Subsequent conversations about periods in my home science class were filled with giggles and awkwardness. The basics were covered but still, I was left somewhat unprepared for  what was yet to come.

I’ve had my periods for well over ten years, and they have changed over the years; I’ve experienced the good, bad and ugly sides of periods. As I have walked this confusing journey, trying to understand my periods and the things and drama that they’ve come with, there are so many times that I have asked God why I didn’t have a big sister, to shed some light on what to expect and what to do when the unexpected happens. I am a big sister, but I too felt the need to have a big sister.

Many years later, through my journey of pain and confusion, I have found my feet ordered to this very place, to be the light that I did not have. Be the ‘big sister’ for those willing to listen and talk about periods openly.

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The truth is, I don’t have all the answers but I sure am a whole lot wiser than I was then. I have had to learn in my adulthood what a normal period looks like to enable me to identify an abnormal period.

That’s it!!! You can’t identify the abnormal symptoms if you don’t know what a normal period looks like.

I invite you to join me on this journey of demystifying periods, body loving and pursuing fullness of life and health.

I would love to hear from you, what was your first period conversation like? How has it shaped what you think about periods now?

‘Big Sis’