Endometriosis Is Real and Resilient-32 Surgeries Later

Time and time again, I meet a woman who has been strongly advised to have her uterus removed because it’s removal will cure Endometriosis. This myth needs to be dispelled from the mountain tops. “A hysterectomy is not a cure for Endometriosis.” Meet Patricia Roy, a woman with strength beyond words. A woman whose hadContinue reading “Endometriosis Is Real and Resilient-32 Surgeries Later”

Why I Keep A Period Diary

Ever since I was a little girl , I always kept a diary. It was my outlet and a way of keeping a record of the little details of my life. ¬†Unfortunately, I was not very detailed about my periods and their patterns, so when I needed this information, it was nowhere to be found.Continue reading “Why I Keep A Period Diary”

Seeking A Second Opinion

Never be afraid to ask questions about ¬†your body and the things that you have been told it has or doesn’t have or can and can’t do. After a long time of searching for someone to believe your symptoms and give you a diagnosis, it is possible to feel an allegiance to the doctor whoContinue reading “Seeking A Second Opinion”

Preparing To Visit To The Gynecologist

Visiting a gynecologist for the first time can be confusing and exhausting. I was ill-prepared for my first visit, I barely knew what to expect which made my experience harder than it needed to be. Over the years, I have come up with a preparation strategy that has yielded great results. I find my visitsContinue reading “Preparing To Visit To The Gynecologist”