The Diary Kenyan Endo Warrior: My Journey With Hormonal Acne

I’ve struggled with hormonal acne for well over ten years. As a teen it was nerve wrecking. One day I woke up with pimples on my face that seemed more like mountains, and they just wouldn’t go back to where they came from. I was told that apparently acne during puberty runs in the family and that it would disappear once puberty was over. I waited with baited breath, but it never disappeared. I’m well in to my twenties and I still struggle with acne.

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Seeing a dermatologist didn’t quite help, the medication set me up for greater disappointment. I tried topical creams, oral medication, different facial cleansers, toners and moisturizers. The only time that my skin has been smooth, I have been on a form of hormonal therapy. Smooth skin and manageable periods were about the only positive effects of the hormones on my body. Despite the acne, I am much happier off the hormones.

The acne intensified when I had recurring ovarian cysts. But not even that prepared me for the horror that was acne during my first pregnancy. Oh my word! I had pimples on my face, chest, back and arms. It was horrible. Horrible! They weren’t just pimples, they were cystic bumps, that would scar if you tried to burst them. Yes, I know that shouldn’t burst a pimple, but man, sometimes all the things that you should do don’t seem to work, so you result to throwing your hands up in the air and just bursting them. Because they are yellow, shiny and ripe (read: gross) and you can’t wish them away. The number of prayers that I have said for my face, I think that there is a scribe in heaven who has almost run out ink.


I was listening to a podcast on hormonal acne and endometriosis, and the thing that shocked me is that Paige’s dermatologist told her that the life cycle of a pimple is about two months. That means that a topical treatment may not be enough to get rid of the pimple. You need to heal from the inside out.

An endo sister encouraged me to choose three products and just be consistent. So I chose to keep it simple with more like five products. I am using the Simple cleanser, Rose water to tone and Simple moisturizer. I scrub twice a week and put a sandalwood and turmeric mask every week. Keeping my hair off my face is also helping, goodbye versatile hairstyles.

On the inside, I am still pursuing (the somewhat elusive) hormonal balance. I’ve been craving (and satisfying the craving for) lots of dairy. I need to find alternative sources of calcium and take my supplements. I want to detox again to help reset my body and then I can watch what I eat.

I decided a couple of months ago not to reduce my self esteem or worth to the presence or absence of pimples on my face or chest, arms and back.

The truth is, it’s not the worst that it’s been, and I am relieved, but I’d like to balance my hormones naturally. So, here’s to resetting my hormones and getting smooth(er) skin.

Have you struggled with hormonal acne? I’d love to hear what has worked for you.





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