Prepping for Auntie Flo’

After many miserable months of barely surviving during my periods, I realized that I could make my experience better by preparing my body in advance. The little changes have had such a huge impact, incorporating certain foods into my diet a week before Ms. Flo’ checks in has proved to be beneficial and made certain symptoms one less thing to worry about.

Constipation, cramps, clots, bloating and migraines made me dread my periods, my only saving grace was that I had a long cycle which meant 11 periods a year, I was counting all the blessings I could think of.

The game changer for me was the migraines. I had found a way to live with the other symptoms but the migraine was the one that made having to stay home from work worse, I couldn’t read, think or sleep.

Here are a few of the things that I have since incorporated that are giving me some much-needed relief.

I’d love to know what is working for you, I am open to trying out new things, so please leave me a comment below.



  1. Book Swap · September 8, 2017

    Hey, I’m new here. Loved what you shared. I usually add tumeric to my food or tea or cocoa. Tastes off but tends to help.

    Do you have IBS ?


    • bibi2be · September 27, 2017

      Tumeric is one of nature’s best kept secrets. Also cinammon 🙂 It tastes/looks different, but the benefits outweigh how it looks. I’ll def try have it everyday. Thanks for sharing.

      When I drink milk or my hormones are imbalanced I feel like I do have IBS. I can go from being chronically constipated to having a running tummy in minutes.


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