Endo Prayers: I Feel Misunderstood

Dear Lord, This is hard. My tears have become my food and I feel as though I am falling apart. The pain is not only during my periods but all through my cycle and I do not know how to explain it to those around me. Though I look okay on the outside, I am cavingContinue reading “Endo Prayers: I Feel Misunderstood”

Stories Wanted!

Never underestimate the power of a story. It has the power to transport, transform, reassure and encourage. This March,  I would like to share an Endo story every day to help raise awareness for Endometriosis. Let us show the world that you do not have to look a certain way to have Endo. That theContinue reading “Stories Wanted!”

Endo Prayer: When I Feel Overwhelmed

There’s a dark valley that the Endo journey plummeted me into. In that space, I have struggled to keep hope alive, stay positive and pray. I’m not where I used to be, but because I know no-one is immune to the darkness and the feelings and thoughts that come when in that place, I willContinue reading “Endo Prayer: When I Feel Overwhelmed”

5 Ways To Navigate The Endo Inspired Energy Rollercoaster

I seem to have found the spring in my step. Some mornings I wake up feeling like an Energizer bunny, it is such a good yet surreal feeling. One of the aspects that I hate about Endo is how it hampers with energy levels. I went from being an energetic teen to a mostly-tired humanContinue reading “5 Ways To Navigate The Endo Inspired Energy Rollercoaster”

7 Truths Every Endo-warrior Needs to Know

The Endo journey is colored with a lot of pain, uncertainty, darkness, medication and anxiety. Here are 7 truths that every Endo-warrior needs to know: 1. It is not all in your head Pain and discomfort are personal. There is no scale that it has to be measured by for it to be termed real.Continue reading “7 Truths Every Endo-warrior Needs to Know”

Reclaiming What Endo Stole From Me

Happy New Year Everybody! I have this spring in my step after getting some much-needed rest and relaxation. A few days before Christmas, I met up with a few Endo warriors and we talked, laughed, and loved being in a space where we could identify with each other. I have many thoughts on Endo, butContinue reading “Reclaiming What Endo Stole From Me”