“It is well” is at the tail end of things that I like to hear in times of turmoil. It is a phrase that I heard in the gusts of pain and wondered how anyone could conclude that what felt like a near death experience was something to talk about on a positive note. 10Continue reading “Bloom”

Endo Prayers: I Need You

As an Endo-warrior, sometimes you feel so burdened, and you don’t quite know who to share with.
Here is a prayer that you can pray when you feel like you are the end of your strength.

Energy Forecasting With Endometriosis

There are days I have the energy to change the world and other days that I want to put the world on pause and sleep. The latter is especially when Aunty Flo is in town. I usually have no motivation to do anything. I just want to sleep, but life, oh life must go on.Continue reading “Energy Forecasting With Endometriosis”

Post-Valentines Love

Aunty Flo ruined red for me, she was such a drama queen, who wanted to use my whole life as her runway as she strutted her stuff. Red for me was a reminder that she was coming into town, and that meant my life would change, I should have adjusted and adapted since her visitContinue reading “Post-Valentines Love”

Endo Prayers: Missing Out On Opportunities

Dear Lord, My heart is heavy, burdened by the weight of all the opportunities that I have had to say ‘No’ to because of the pain and discomfort. Many times I am willing to take up great projects but my energy levels fail me. The pain overwhelms me. I fail myself. Please help to beContinue reading “Endo Prayers: Missing Out On Opportunities”

Endo Prayer: When My Cycle is Erratic

Dear Lord, I can’t seem to understand my body. My period cycle is everything but predictable. My hormones are all over the place and this is affecting my life as a whole. I’m struggling with feelings of anger, and I feel like I am losing control over my emotions and my body as well. WhenContinue reading “Endo Prayer: When My Cycle is Erratic”

Endo Prayer: Struggling With Lifestyle Changes

  Dear Lord, It’s February and I haven’t been able to sustain the lifestyle changes that I set out to make. I’m discouraged because I feel like I keep disappointing myself. I can give excuses but deep within I know that I have been my greatest barrier. Lord, please help me to see myself throughContinue reading “Endo Prayer: Struggling With Lifestyle Changes”