Bloom Program

Puberty is a beautiful transitional hallway where girls come in pre-pubescent and leave as women. Puberty is like a rose blooming with beautiful petals and a sweet fragrance, its beauty doesn’t take away the thorns. If you know what to expect when you are handling a rose, you can avoid getting pricked by the thorns.

The Bloom program is a comprehensive, interactive and insightful menstrual health and life-skill program. It helps girls to confidently navigate their period journeys by providing them with information on anatomy, the changes that come with puberty, menstruation, what a normal period should look and feel like, hygiene and how to keep a period diary.

It culminates with a period party where girls to celebrate the awesome adventure that is being a girl.

The Bloom program has been facilitated in schools and at independtly organized events for girls.

Age group

The Bloom program is open to girls aged 8-19 years

Inquiries and Bookings

Please reach us on or 0746-622-833 for more information