About Us

Yellow Endo Flower(YEF) was founded in 2016 to demystify periods
and discourage period shaming while equipping and educating girls
and women on their period journeys. YEF creates awareness about
Endometriosis in Kenya.


To influence millions of women to understand how their bodies
work and make informed choices for their menstrual health as they
achieve their dreams.


To educate and empower girls and women to understand their
bodies, so that they can fight for their needs and pursue all of their
dreams. To equip parents to guide their children through puberty.

Some of the activities that we undertake are:

  • Corporate training on women’s health including cancer
  • Training for girls -Bloom Program and Furaha Program
  • Training for mums and dads on how to guide their daughter’s through puberty
  • Menstrual health support group
  • Menopause awareness and support forums
  • Endometriosis awareness and support