Furaha Program

Meet Raha and Leila, 11 year old besties trying to figure out this thing called life, and the hallway that is puberty. Puberty can seem rather long and confusing, but lucky for them they are not walking in blind as they’ve got Faith, their big sister by association.

A few years ago, Raha and Leila had a bestie that they loved called Mercy. Mercy was like sunshine on a dull day, she was a warrior with a great sense of humor. Her fight with sickle-cell anemia slowed her down but didn’t knock her out, that was until she rested and went to be with the Lord. By virtue of Faith being Mercy’s big sister, she was also Raha and Leila’s sister from another mother.

Faith is not the only one shining a light ahead of the girlies as they approach puberty, Raha’s Auntie Rose is also a beacon of light.

Auntie Rose is the aunt every girly needs. She is fun, honest, bold and young at heart. She makes growing up look less scary than it already is. Her stories and wisdom are absolutely refreshing to the budding soul.

Auntie Rose breaks down the beautiful journey of puberty into 10 chapters, and she leaves no stone unturned as she shares her life tales and wisdom with the girls. She covers the basic changes that come with puberty, as well as the challenges that one may face along the way.

Furaha is a 10 chapter work book that covers:

  1. Attitudes and Anxieties towards growing up
  2. Anatomy and God’s design
  3. Physical and emotional changes
  4. Menstruation
  5. Menstrual Hygiene
  6. Hygiene
  7. Self Esteem and External Influences
  8. Friendships and Relationships
  9. Living Intentionally
  10. Celebrating Yourself

Puberty doesn’t come with a manual, but our hope is that Furaha will be a beacon for girls in the corridor of puberty.

Join Raha and Leila on the adventure of their teenage lives. Auntie Rose encourages them to talk to the older woman in their lives, and learn from them.

Age group
Furaha is a fountain of wisdom and insight for girls aged 8-19 years old.

Join a bouquet

No girl should walk alone. If you know a girl or group of girls who would like to go through the Furaha program, please send us an email via yellowendoflower@gmail.com, and we will give you more information. All the bouquets are led by a facilitator who has been trained to use the facilitators manual.

Order a book
Furaha retails for Ksh 1500/= and is available for purchase through a pre-order system. If you would like to order a book please send me a message to 0746-622-833 or yellowendoflower@gmail.com and we will respond with the details.

Get support for mums and dads

As you guide your girly through puberty you may face a few challenges. If you would like to talk or get some valuable resources send us an email via yellowendoflower@gmail.com. We also host training sessions for mum and dads on guiding your daughter through puberty.

About the author
Esther Mbugua-Kimemia is a menstrual health advocate and Endometriosis ambassador based in Mombasa. She enjoys training girls and offering support to women in the menstrual health journeys.