31 Days Of Endo ~ Unsilenced

Day 22 Individual’s stories are like dominoes, they look small, but they have the power to start a revolution and change the status quo. Two years ago, Arti Shah, resolved to tell the story of Endo warriors living in Kenya. At the time, I had come to Nairobi for the annual Endometriosis of Kenya event. ThisContinue reading “31 Days Of Endo ~ Unsilenced”

#31 Days of Endo ~ Nurah Palesa

Happy new month everybody! March is here!! To start us off in this series, I would like to introduce you to Nurah Palesa. Queen  Nurah is an endo warrior based in Kenya, she shared her story with me for the first time in 2017.   I am Queen Nurah, and at the age of 25Continue reading “#31 Days of Endo ~ Nurah Palesa”

Endo Prayers: Missing Out On Opportunities

Dear Lord, My heart is heavy, burdened by the weight of all the opportunities that I have had to say ‘No’ to because of the pain and discomfort. Many times I am willing to take up great projects but my energy levels fail me. The pain overwhelms me. I fail myself. Please help to beContinue reading “Endo Prayers: Missing Out On Opportunities”

Reclaiming What Endo Stole From Me

Happy New Year Everybody! I have this spring in my step after getting some much-needed rest and relaxation. A few days before Christmas, I met up with a few Endo warriors and we talked, laughed, and loved being in a space where we could identify with each other. I have many thoughts on Endo, butContinue reading “Reclaiming What Endo Stole From Me”

The Overflow

During the period talk in primary school, one key detail was forgotten: ‘What to do when you have heavy periods.’ Nobody prepared me for the overflow that would come with my periods. The first time I soiled my clothes, I thought I was dying. It seems silly, but then, it was a crisis. I wasContinue reading “The Overflow”

The Kenyan Endo Story: Rachel Shivachi – Part 3

Recovery was not a walk in the park for Rachel. Post surgery complications made her life rather difficult and her family and friends decided to take her back to India again. She shares her experience below: While we were in India, it was Zulekha’s birthday and we had a little celebration at the apartment. WhenContinue reading “The Kenyan Endo Story: Rachel Shivachi – Part 3”

The Diary Of A Kenyan Endo Warrior: The Game-Changer: The Day I Couldn’t Walk Anymore

Dear Diary, By the time I was 17 years old, I was pretty much used to painful and dramatic periods. I had somewhat accepted it as my lot. What else could I do? In those days I seldom heard of anyone going to hospital for painful periods. We resulted to be being amateur pharmacists. InContinue reading “The Diary Of A Kenyan Endo Warrior: The Game-Changer: The Day I Couldn’t Walk Anymore”

The Diary of A Kenyan Endo Warrior: I. Am. Tired!

  Dear Diary, I doubt that it’s normal to wake up tired, spend the whole day tired and sleep tired. For so many years this was my normal. My first response to the question ‘how are you?’ was Tired. But there’s only so many times that you can answer tired, until the other person gets,Continue reading “The Diary of A Kenyan Endo Warrior: I. Am. Tired!”