All Things Periods

Auntie Flo’s Words of Wisdom

Auntie Flo' gave me a dose of common sense earlier this year. As she ended her TEN-day visit, which was much longer than she was welcome, she said, 'Ess, I am the tip of the iceberg. I'm just here to show you what's going on within.' I was upset! First, you overstay your welcome, which… Continue reading Auntie Flo’s Words of Wisdom

The Kenyan Endo Story

The Kenyan Endo Story: Reshma Maru

It's difficult to tell the battle a woman is fighting by looking at her. Endo is an invisible force, it is tiny and mighty. It attacks from the inside out, Endo pain is something that all girls would love to live without. There is a resilience, a fire in her eyes, a desire to win… Continue reading The Kenyan Endo Story: Reshma Maru