Endo Prayers: I Need You

As an Endo-warrior, sometimes you feel so burdened, and you don’t quite know who to share with.
Here is a prayer that you can pray when you feel like you are the end of your strength.

Endo Prayers: I Feel Misunderstood

Dear Lord, This is hard. My tears have become my food and IĀ feel as though I am falling apart. The pain is not only during my periods but all through my cycle and I do not know how to explain it to those around me. Though I look okay on the outside, I am cavingContinue reading “Endo Prayers: I Feel Misunderstood”

Endo Prayer: When I Feel Overwhelmed

There’s a dark valley that the Endo journey plummeted me into. In that space, I have struggled to keep hope alive, stay positive and pray. I’m not where I used to be, but because I know no-one is immune to the darkness and the feelings and thoughts that come when in that place, I willContinue reading “Endo Prayer: When I Feel Overwhelmed”