Endo Prayer: Struggling With Lifestyle Changes

  Dear Lord, It’s February and I haven’t been able to sustain the lifestyle changes that I set out to make. I’m discouraged because I feel like I keep disappointing myself. I can give excuses but deep within I know that I have been my greatest barrier. Lord, please help me to see myself throughContinue reading “Endo Prayer: Struggling With Lifestyle Changes”

7 Truths Every Endo-warrior Needs to Know

The Endo journey is colored with a lot of pain, uncertainty, darkness, medication and anxiety. Here are 7 truths that every Endo-warrior needs to know: 1. It is not all in your head Pain and discomfort are personal. There is no scale that it has to be measured by for it to be termed real.Continue reading “7 Truths Every Endo-warrior Needs to Know”

The Conversation Needs To Go On

Gone are the days when parents could wait for the eve of their child’s 12th birthday to broach the subject of adolescents and sex. Children are maturing much earlier now, also, they are exposed to a lot of informative content from a tender age. Their attitudes and thought patterns are formed long before they hitContinue reading “The Conversation Needs To Go On”