While We’re Waiting

Waiting can be hard, lonely and devastating. The dark corridors can dull your spark of hope, the echoes of discouragement can fill your cheeks with sadness and cause your eyes to overflow with tears. Waiting Wombs Trust is devoted to walking with women who are waiting on the Lord to hold children in their arms.Continue reading “While We’re Waiting”

#31 Days of Endo ~ Hadassa Trip

Day 5 🙂 It is always uplifting to read the stories of other Endo warriors who are braving through life, shining their lights and lifting others up. Editah Hadassa Trip is the founder of Waiting Wombs trust. She is walking with women whose wombs are waiting and sharing a message of hope. She first sharedContinue reading “#31 Days of Endo ~ Hadassa Trip”

Dear Kenyan Endo Warrior, You Don’t Have to Walk Alone

Living with endometriosis can be hard. A majority of my memories are lonely, scary and empty. But, times have changed. I know that in the event I have a flare up there are women that I can call for advice, support and prayers. Women who get me, and don’t think that I am faking theContinue reading “Dear Kenyan Endo Warrior, You Don’t Have to Walk Alone”